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    Apart from this being a modified Porsche (or more likely a Porsche-based special) racing in the Sports Car Club of America B/Sports Racing class, nothing has been discovered about this car so far. Opinion is divided as to it being based on a 917 or 908, being another make or even just a one-off and the stickers on the car point to the picture having been taken in the 1970’s, although extensive research of SCCA entries and results during this period has so far drawn a blank. While the body contains elements of a factory product there are various features that appear to be home grown and the ‘Porsche Audi’ stickers should not necessarily be taken as a sign of any official involvement.

    There were certainly a number of Porsche specials racing in the States at this time and I’m sure that someone will know what it is.

    Photo: Ted Walker Archive

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    Simon Puttick

    Looks like the 908 special built by Vasek Polak – Davey Johnson drove the car at the 1971 Riverside Can-Am and in a support race at the same event – according to the VPRacing website he also drove the car again in a club race at Vaccaville, so maybe that’s what’s in your picture – or it’s the car later in its life with a subsequent owner

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    That’s an interesting thought, as that 908/2K (#011) was made to look quite different after it passed from Tony Dean in 1970/71, although differing from the one above in many details. Perhaps it might have been further modified by a subsequent owner as you say and it certainly has the proportions of a 908. I see that the Polak car ran in class A/SR unlike the B/SR above, but it would not be the first time that a racing car has been reborn, perhaps out of necessity after an accident.

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      Simon Puttick

      Apparently Vasek Polak continued to run the car in 1972 and perhaps beyond – Tony “A to Z” drove it for Polak that year – still, as it has no Vasek Polak logos on it I’d guess the picture is of the car with a later owner / driver

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    910-032 Bergspyder
    1972 SCCA National at Seattle International Raceway
    Mike Eyerly

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    We knew that someone would know the answer!

    That would make it the ex-Otto Zipper car, sold to him for the 1968 season via von Neumann after the factory used it during 1967. It was still pretty standard bodily when he raced it, so it would be interesting to know when it acquired the bodywork seen here. Continental Porsche-Audi was the entrant.

    Mike Eyeley was formerly a prolific 356 racer and also competed in 904, 911, Elva-Porsche and even the rare PAM Platypus-Porsche, not to mention various other makes. Unusually for an American driver he attempted to take part in the 1971 Tasman series, although due to driving for a poorly-prepared team he only started three of the seven races, finishing two of them.

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