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    @davidharrison David, a strange coincidence that you should mention Edgar -one of whose cars I note is in your profile picture- as I was corresponding about him with another member only this evening, someone who actually ‘bounced’ for Edgar in trials in the 1960’s when he was using his unique RHD Super 90-engined Denzel (see Porsche Partially>Denzel). As Edgar had a 356 1500 and a 1600 as well as the Carrera and all wore the same registration it is sometimes difficult to identify which car is pictured and one can be seen in our Speed Events – UK section. I will shortly post a couple of pictures of Edgar racing at Aintree in Circuits – UK and his Carrera is said to still exist in Spain.

    • Hi Martin, small world. Edgar’s 356 Carrera is actually alive and very well. It is currently sitting in my garage. It came back from Spain some years ago. We have owned it for about 4 years, 3 of those years were taken up by having the car restored. I am in touch with John Wadsworth ( son of Edgar ). He supplied the profile photo. He is helping me research the early history of the car. As you say its not helped by running the same registration number on all his cars.
      We also rally a 356 know as
      Would you like photos of the Denzil ?

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